North London based band formed in 1979. Mainly Rock with other influences (mainly alcohol)...

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19th April 2019

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14th April 2019

A little video teaser for 'Possession' from 'Waltham Forest's Finest'

7th April 2019

The draft track listing has been released!

31st March 2019

The discount for advance orders has been extended

12th March 2019

Order an advance copy at a discounted price

9th February 2019

With Valentines Day coming up, we've found the perfect present!

9th February 2019

With the added bonus of a bit of ‘Our Delight’ at the end

18th January 2019

The first tune on Gerry's new breakfast show

8th December 2018

Our 2018 stats from Spotify

2nd December 2018

Our 3 complete tracks from BT#10 are now on YouTube

3rd November 2018

Here's a little taster from our forthcoming single, 'You Control The Lights'. Enjoy 😁

25th August 2018

On Sunday 12th August, we all headed to Uxbridge to meet John Bell, sound engineeer and owner of Chapel Bell Studio, to record a few tunes for release later this year

31st July 2018

Soldiers, Angels of Mercy and Angels of Mercy Dub have made it onto Songlink

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Check out a few videos from our reunion gig at N5 Live at The Gunners. See the Videos page on the main menu for a whole load more.
Our Single
Take a listen to a preview of our 1981 single as featured on Bored Teenagers #10


Angels of Mercy

Angels of Mercy Dub

Share in our great memories! Check out some of our latest pics below. See the Photos page on the main menu to have a look through all of our pictures, flyers and press over the years.