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Volume 10 of the carefully curated "Bored Teenagers" sampler series from England, which is dedicated to the forgotten pearls of British punk rock of the seventies. Someone once wrote a series "that has done for punk what Pebbles series did for the obscure according to the 60s".

Given the fact that Punk, in his brief heyday in Britain in the late 1970s, probably motivated tens of thousands of teens and twens to found a band themselves, and punk became a pop phenomenon to a far greater extent than is understandable from a German perspective. One can imagine how many gradually irreplaceable rotting tapes with basement and studio recordings of completely unknown bands have to be in the hands of self-proclaimed punk archivists.

It's no shame to admit that none of the eight bands say anything here - "Killed By Death" pros, however, will see things differently. Included here are two or more songs THE FEATURES from Kent, which once also appeared in the Roxy, THE INNOCENT BYSTANDERS from London with six tracks, VAIN AIMS from Wales, FENZYX from the north of London (terrific: "Angels of mercy"), GREAT BRITISH HEROES also from there (formerly known as GBH, but having nothing to do with the other band), ANTI-SOCIAL from Birmingham, BUZZCOCKS buddies THE PERIOD from near Manchester and UNDERDOG from Essex.

Exemplary is the preparation of the respective band's story in the booklet, with listing of the line-up, cover illustrations and band photos - pressing music on a CD anyone can research such detail information but makes the difference and archival value.

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